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What is salary administration?

When your organisation has one or more employees, you are obligated to maintain a salary administration. The same goes for artists with a tax withholding statement.
This salary administration must meet many requirements of the Dutch Tax Office, which will take a lot of time. If you don’t want to carry this administrative burden any longer, please let us take care of it.

We will take care of your salary administration for just € 10 per month. You will receive a monthly statement with what you should pay to the Dutch Tax Office for the monthly tax return. Our fee is € 5 per artist, per work day. This is cheaper than a regular payrolling.

Services of Artiestenverloningen/Administration

Our services:

  • Monthly payroll overviews, specification of salary taxes and salary journal entries.
  • Salary tax return to the Dutch Tax Office
  • Annual tax statements for performing artists at the beginning of the new year
  • Annual salary declaration