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Rates from January 1st 2017

Normal rate Discount rate*
 Fee for one day (per person) € 10,00 € 9,00
 Fee for several days (minimum fee € 17,50)
– Up to € 200,00 salary per day, per person
– Vanaf € 200,00 per day, per person

€ 10,00 per day


€ 9,00 per day

 Self-employed artists  € 5,50 per invoice € 5,00 per invoice
 Clients with tax withholding statement € 17,50 per invoice € 17,50 per invoice
 White tabel – other activities
 Opting-in (minimum fee € 17,50)

Gross payment (per person)


€ 17,50

Salary administration for clients with tax
withholding statement (per person)
€ 5,00 per day

* The discount rate applies to online payroll assignments via mijn.artiestenverloningen.nl as
well as for members of trade unions NTB and/or the Art Association (Kunstenbond)


These rates are per person, per assignment. Percentages are calculated over the total fee of the assignment. All rates are without VAT.

For extra work as corrections we can charge an added fee of € 15,00. If this is the case, we will always let you know beforehand.

We don’t charge a registration fee for our services.