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Since 1993, Artiestenverloningen has payrolled more than 20,000 performing artists, paid more than 1,500 self-employed artists and invoiced more than 13,500 clients.

Here you will find some of their references:

“Artiestenverloningen proved to be a reliable business partner during all the years of our collaboration. Orders are handled professionally without losing a personal touch, they know who I am and that’s nice. Questions are answered professionally and in the rare case of an error, it is resolved appropriately, quickly and satisfactorily. When my client pays Artiestenverloningen, I quickly receive my salary afterwards. I am a satisfied customer of Artiestenverloningen.
Frans Custers – actor

“Artiestenverloningen offers superb service! Both by telephone and e-mail, always extremely friendly and helpful. The online portal My Artiestenverloningen is great. Simple, complete, fast and saves heaps of work and time. Working with Artiestenverloningen saves me a lot of time. They send salary specifications by e-mail and their automatic reminders are great. The most important benefit is that both you and your client are saved lots of work.”

Ton van der Kolk – Music & More agency

“I am payrolled by Artiestenverloningen for years now and will certainly remain so for years to come. They provide great and fast services, good value and quick responses to all my questions!”
Joost Kroon – drummer

“I have good experiences with Artiestenverloningen for years now and you can always rely on them. I never used another payroll company because this company is just perfect. Working with Artiestenverloningen gives me peace of mind. Payments are always correct, everything is properly regulated and if something occurs, it is always solved.
Leo Smetsers – magician

“We have been working with Artiestenverloningen for years now. Many of our performances are payrolled, both domestically and internationally. A colourful parade of musicians and ensembles! It’s always done right! And if I don’t understand something, Artiestenverloningen always offers a solution!”

Jeroen Weierink – Music agency Nootsprong

“Artiestenverloningen takes care of our invoice administration for years now, to my complete satisfaction. Their expertise, diligence and pleasant communication provides for a perfect collaboration. I recommend their services wholeheartedly.
Bob Wisselink – director impresario Koperen Kees

“Artiestenverloningen always sticks to every appointment, is easily approachable and my communication with their staff is always quick and enjoyable. This way, we don’t need to have in-depth knowledge and expertise because Artiestenverloningen readily provides all required information. We don’t have experience with other payroll companies, but our experience is that Artiestenverloningen gives adequate response to all our questions regarding payrolling.” 

Wouter van Steenbrugge – Princess Christina Competition