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Online payrolling

There are two ways to send in payroll assignments online:

Mijn Artiestenverloningen

When you gain access for Mijn Artiestenverloningen, you can send your payroll assignment. This way, all your data is registered so you can easily look up former performances. You can also make salary calculations via Mijn Artiestenverloningen. If you like to have access to Mijn Artiestenverloningen, please contact us.

 Please note that this page is only available in Dutch.


  • Your payroll assignment is processed the same day
  • You can easily make online salary calculations
  • All your data is stored in your digital portal
  • Your client can confirm your digital assignment, the equivalent of a signature.

Click here for Mijn Artiestenverloningen

Online form

You can easily send payroll assignments via the online form, even if you’re not a customer yet. The main benefit is that you don’t have to log in, which makes our payroll services easily accessible to new customers. However, this way you can’t check your payroll assignments online as well as salary calculations. Please note that this page is only available in Dutch.

Click here for the online form