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Who we are

Since 1993, Artiestenverloningen provides payroll services to professionals working in the cultural sector. We are the first company that specialized in this particular sector. We know all the ins and outs of payrolling artists and freelancers, so you’ve come to the right place. We offer low rates and always look for personal solutions.

You can arrange your payrollings quickly and easy online via MijnArtiestenverloningen. If you request access, you can instantly submit online payroll assignments.

Self-employed artists can also be paid by Artiestenverloningen. For instance if a client wants to receive only one invoice for an entire group performance, and the group contains both non-independent artists and self-employed artists. We also provide payroll services to clients that are legally permitted to withhold taxes and premiums.


The story of our company starts in 1992 during the first edition of Jazz by Duurstede, a renowed jazz festival in the beautiful Dutch town of Wijk bij Duurstede. Back then, the festival relied entirely on volunteers and the founders of the festival – Jan and Aline van Dam- did most of the organization themselves. Besides organizing the festival, activities ranged from programming to sponsorship; stage management to salary payments. The latter proved very succesful. Artists were pleasantly surprised by the annual tax statement they received after the festival, which was unique back then.

By popular demand, Jan and Aline decided to provide payroll services besides organizing the festival. The company that was set up for this purpose was Van Dam Service. Demand in payroll services in the cultural sector increased. When trade unions NTB and FNV KIEM advised their members to use Van Dam Service, the former home office outgrew itself.

For easy recognition, the company was renamed into Artiestenverloningen. The services were extended to payrolling all other (non-artistic) activities within the cultural sector. Artiestenverloningen became the largest payroll company of the sector.

Company Structure

Artiestenverloningen consists of the following companies:


Artiestenverloningen provides payroll services via the artist arrangement for VAT-registered clients.

Stichting Artiestenverloningen/OpMaat

Artiestenverloningen/OpMaat provides payroll services via the artists arrangement for clients that are not subject to (pay) VAT, such as certain healthcare facilities, schools, government departments and foundations. Artiestenverloningen/OpMaat only charges VAT for administration costs.


Wittetabelverloningen provides payroll services for non-artists via the white table for VAT-registered clients.

Stichting Wittetabelverloningen/OpMaat

Wittetabelverloningen/OpMaat provides payroll services for non-artists via the white table for clients that are not subject to (pay) VAT. Wittetabelverloningen/OpMaat only charges VAT for administration costs.


Artiestenverloningen/Administration provides payroll services to organizations that are legally permitted to withhold taxes and premiums.