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Artist arrangement

The artists arrangement is a special tax scheme which – unlike the arrangement for workers – among other things, offers the possibility to deduct professional expenses. The Dutch Tax Office regards you an artist if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a performing artist.
  • You do not use a standard contract (former VAR) or tax withholding statement.
  • ou live in the Netherlands and you are covered by the Dutch Tax Office or you live in a non-tax-treaty country.
  • You perform in the Netherlands or you agree to payroll your foreign income here.
  • You work less than three months for one client.
  • It doesn’t concern a private performance or compensation for rehearsals.

Benefits of payroll via Artiestenverloningen:

  • You don’t need a model agreement (declaration of independence: former VAR).
  • We take care of your administration and invoicing procedure.
  • You receive e-mail notifications of received and due payments.
  • You can easily send in online assignments and make salary calculations.
  • You are insured for all employee insurances (ZW, WW, WIA and WAZO) if you’re not fully using cost dispensation (a.k.a. ‘small dispensation arrangement’ (KVR).